THE THESIS: The Thesis Group presents Charlie Chaplin's masterpiece, The Great Dictator and a panel of artists in resistance. In collaboration with the Socially Relevant Film Festival


Project 001: The Great Dictator

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The Great Dictator, directed by Charlie Chaplin, is the 1940 masterpiece that follows a Jewish barber who returns to his neighborhood after a prolonged convalescence from injuries suffered in the First World War. Unaware of the rise of Hynkel during his absence - and of his own uncanny resemblance to the dictator - The Tramp embarks on an accidental campaign of resistance. Chaplin's sublime storytelling and his faith in civilization are on full display in this prophetic satire of the power-mad.

Raz Mesinai's

productions (as Badawi, Ghost Producer, Sub Dub, Ladyman, Psy Co) have continuously surprised and inspired artists from around the world of various fields and disciplines. Raz’s project Badawi (1996-2011) helped define a style of music for film and media about horror and crisis in the Middle East, and his duo project with John Ward, Sub Dub, was a catalyst for the so called “illbient scene” in the 90’s in NYC.

In 2004, Raz was awarded the prestigious Sundance Composers Lab Fellowship, where he worked on scores for Sundance Directors, with one on one guidance from composers John Adams, Osvaldo Golijov, Thomas Newman, Ed Shearmur and Jeff Beal, leading him to compose original scores for several documentaries and feature films.


Andrew Tider

Andrew Tider is an artist and creative director who produces culturally relevant projects to generate attention and action for NGOs and brands. His work is focused on making complicated and/or dry subjects feel theatrical, digestible, and personal. Recently, this has included cementing a statue of Edward Snowden onto a Revolutionary War memorial in a Brooklyn park, becoming a “freelance surveillance agent on behalf of the NSA” as part of, and teaming up with people in prison to draw portraits of people who should be - CEOs of corporations that are ruining the environment, economy, and society.

Napoleon Da Legend

is a Paris-born, East African and Washington DC-raised, Brooklyn-based lyricist who evokes the bleak reality of the world today without losing hope for a better tomorrow. Community-oriented, NDL teaches revolutionary Hip-Hop in inner-city middle school in the New York Tri-state area and plans to takes his workshop to Riker's Island for the young inmate population in the near-future. He gained the attention of the Hip-Hop world last year after releasing "Steal This Mixtape" and "Steal This Mixtape Too", which displayed deep introspective songs along with poignant social commentary.

Andrew Short

Andrew Short is writer, actor, artist and activist based in New York City. Waving between serious and satirical, he focuses his art on the cultural climate of media-induced fear, paranoia, and America’s obsession with a glorified past. He creates digital collage art and the Dads Love Trump series; a collection of crayon drawings through the point of view of a child growing up in Trump’s America. He most recently co-wrote and starred in Post Everything Production’s Hot. Read. Leather. and appeared in Becky Yamamoto’s series Uninspired.

Kim Fraczek

is the Director of Sane Energy Project, a grassroots group based in New York focusing on shutting down fracked-gas infrastructure and bringing a renewable energy transition of justice to our region.

She works both at the policy level and direct action by physically blocking pipeline construction. She is deeply committed to building leadership in communities to make the movement move and believes using art for outreach and community building is the way in and the way out. She was a co-founder of the People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall St. who continue to use giant street art to shape complex narratives into digestible imagery to tell a story.

Lucie Tripon

A French native, Lucie Tripon has been with SR Film Fest from the beginning. She writes plays and sketches. She was part of a French-Colombian women duo with Nadia Menco which produced and performed plays around New York and then produced a short film called the Pink Dolphin that made it to several festivals including the Cannes Short Film Corner. She is currently working on a play and a film project, and writing a screenplay on the disenchanted French youth.